Close Talker; A Cold January

Close Talker is an indie alternative rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. Their personal connections go all the way back to childhood so you might say they’re completely in tune with each other and solid in their creative direction. A month or so ago I was given the opportunity to listen to their latest album, Lens, with […]

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The Franklin Electric; Blue Ceilings

I’m literally listening to the music of The Franklin Electric as I write. I’ve listened so many times over the last few weeks and every time I listen I’m taken by something new and beautiful that my ear missed the time before. Their sound and lyrics lead you through the highest highs and lowest lows of human emotion. Their […]

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Dancing in Outer Space with Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us are self-described galaxy dancers. Their music reflects much like facets on a diamond projecting everything from brilliant light sparkles to dark serious galactic collisions. What strikes me most is the lyrics. They aren’t lackluster or average. There’s an appealing weight in the words even when complimented by music that is feather-light and shiny. They have a 5th […]

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59 Conversations with Strangers

  59 is not an accurate number of my conversations with strangers. The real number is a lot higher. Some Interviews I did for other sites have been archived beyond finding or my access removed. 59 is just a random number I picked for the title because I liked it and the number should be […]

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