Music has no boundaries. I’ve always loved music and since 2010 have been involved with various projects , including Ultimate Local Music.com, Muen Magazine, and SwitchBitch Magazine, doing interviews, live interviews, reviews, features and guest blogs. There was even a short lived internet radio show under the alias of Sara Morgan.  In 2012 I decided to start my own page instead of writing projects for others and went hard and heavy for a couple years to the point of overworking myself. Now I’m ready to take on projects again. I wanted to keep the original name but start fesh with a new site which means building up a new following. It’s not that easy to do so bear with me as the site grows to what it once was but better! So here I am and I hope you find new music that you love. I met a lot of musicians trying to make it in this world. Nobody sees the crappy food in POS vans that become touring living quarters and how much some of these artists sacrifice to create their art. If I can help in some small way then I’m all about it.