Shane Gillis/PORTAL

I was recently given the welcomed opportunity to listen to PORTAL. Without knowing a lot about the artist, Shane Gillis, or his work, I wasn’t at all sure of what to expect. Less than 2 minutes in, my exact thoughts were “This is amazing. This guy should be seeking film placement.” ( if you know him you’re probably laughing at my ignorance right now but keep reading) I allowed my imagination to feel where his music was taking me. The scenes that played out in my head, guided by PORTAL, ranged from dark and murderous to exalted innocence. PORTAL is well executed and a great listen. I’ve been cueing it up frequently throughout the last ten days. While it could easily be used to score a film it is not limited to that type of listening experience. Being a fan of good post rock instrumental myself, PORTAL, is something I would listen to anytime and recommend to anyone with similar tastes. Genres are interpretive so whether you choose to call it post rock, rock, ambient, electronic , avant-garde (no, no no to avant-garde. it’s so much better than that) or something else, it’s definitely worth your time. Check out this teaser for the upcoming album:

As it turned out, my thoughts about scoring films were ironic. Shane Gillis is a composer who already has film placement. He is also co-owner of Foolish Henry Films. So I actually knew some of his work without knowing it was his. I’m constantly amazed at some of the talent to be found in our own city. I fully expect to see some of his work recognized on a national level one day, if it isn’t already. The following interview with Gillis and Holt, about the film, SPIRITUS, is a really good watch and you can hear about his creative process directly from him. I look forward to the official release of PORTAL and any of his future projects.





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