Christopher Pellnat; Honey Venom Wings

Christopher Pellnat is a singer-songwriter based out of New York. He is involved with many projects, including The Warp/The Weft, Mercy Weiss, plus lending support and technical help to many others. If the definition for musician was only a list of people’s names, Christopher’s name would surely be included. Attacking all aspects of music related creation, he is a musician in the truest sense. He shared some info about his new album, Honey Venom Wings, along with some insight into his ideals about music and his multi-dimensional role in the collective universal art form. He didn’t mention this song when he spoke of the album but it’s a track I really like.

” Honey Venom Wings is the name of my new album, and it’s also the title of the darkest song on the album.  Some songs on the album are quite sunny, but I named the album Honey Venom Wings because I think that song reaches the deepest and highest of any of the songs on the album. It’s written from the perspective of someone who is near death and encounters a spiritual essence. Is this death? Near-death? Just a fever? Or maybe rebirth? Not to sound pretentious, but the song is about the big questions, how elusive they seem here in life, and how perhaps we come to know only too late.
I should note that Honey Venom Wings is preceded by a much more uplifting, even happy, song. On the Ground is all about rising up, artistically, politically, spiritually. It’s a rallying cry to become more than we are.  The sound of the dulcimer really sets the tone for the entire song – it’s a throwback 60s sound for sure, but it also has a drone quality that gives it an elevated, otherworldly sound.
The album also has some straight-ahead love songs, such as Quiver, and a silly novelty song called Vegetarian Blues (I am a vegetarian).  There’s even a few songs about drinking: Drinking Wine Straight from the Bottle and The Chaser.
This album is the culmination of several years of musical ideas evolving. I’d like to think these songs are memorable and will mean something to people. I certainly enjoyed writing them and pulling them all together in the recording process. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the great bass player Pete Toigo for contributing his talents to Honey Venom Wings and Quiver. And I also extend thanks to Molly Dechenne for her wonderful violin work on The Bane of My Existence Is My Heart.
I have played in bands for many years, have done collaborative recordings with other singers, and have done the solo “singer-songwriter” performance thing, but up until now, I had not focused much on recording my own music. So it’s very satisfying to finally put some of my work out there. In the process I discovered the songs all over again in the journey to getting the right recorded sound.  Now I hope people will get something out of these songs – momentary pleasure, a nod of recognition in the sounds or words, maybe something deeper. Or even just an inward smile at hearing something new and interesting.  We’re all on this journey together and music, like all the arts, can convey meaning and emotion in a wonderful way.” –Christopher Pellnat

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