Hermitage Green: Paranormal Activity + Lions Share

Favorite horror film? “Paranormal Activity…because we watched this together, and afterwards, Barry tried to freak Darragh out with a made up ghost story he claimed was real. However, Darragh wasn’t fazed and proceeded to tell a few of his own real stories. Barry went home, locked all the doors and slept with the lamp on!”

Genre: Acoustic, Rock, Indie Members: Barry Murphy, Dan Murphy, Darragh Graham, Darragh Griffin and Dermot Sheedy Hometown: Limerick, Ireland

FFO: Bears Den, Noah and the Whale, The Lumineers

Hermitage Green released a killer new song, Lions Share,  back in September. Lead vocalist, Dan Murphy, had this to say about it: “Lion’s Share is an expression of certain aspects of human behaviour. Indulgence, greed, selfishness, the innate need to consume, and lastly a complete sense of apathy for all of the above. When you care for nothing – that is the moment when you can reap the full rewards”.

Before I listened to Hermitage Green, I was expecting another Mumford and Sons wannabe but they are anything but. Their version of folk rock is unique, edgy and contemporary, with amazing musical execution and vocals so good they grab ahold of your soul, if you’ve got one. These guys clearly connect with what they have created and it translates beautifully into their work. 2016 saw them sign with Sony Music Ireland, 2017 brought live shows in major venues and undeniable success heralded by industry and fans. 2018? The sky’s the limit.

Upcoming shows:

30th Nov 2017Liverpool, Academy

1st Dec 2017London, Islington Academy

2nd Dec 2017Birmingham, O2 Academy

3rd Dec 2017Glasgow, O2

5th Dec 2017Manchester, Academy

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hermitagegreen/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/HermitageGreen

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/hermitagegreen

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4ffShaM6djxpd5LiJX2MW4


Olympia Live






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