Alana Henderson; Let This Remain + 5 Random Facts

Let This Remain is a new single released by Alana Henderson. She had this to say about its creation: “After a period of post tour decompression it was recorded at a friend’s isolated Irish cottage with the help of Belfast based musician/producer Alan Haslam and using only the most rudimentary equipment; my cello, a Roland Juno-106 synthesizer and a TR-808 drum machine, along with improvised acoustic percussion. (we snapped a pair of shoe trees together for the snare sound.” The lyrics explore the subject of relationships built on the road and the delicate dance that ensues between self-imposed reality and true emotions. In the first few moments, Let This Remain, fools you into believing it’s hardcore folk but quickly changes to reveal more of a very edgy indie sound resulting in a perfect blend of both worlds. While listening, I totally get the earlier career comparisons to Fiona Apple and Joanna Newsome. It’s a truly beautiful track (video to be released soon) that entices the listener with every word and note. It leaves you wanting to hear more and wondering who she is.

Alana Henderson is a singer song-writer from Northern Ireland. The release of her 2014 EP, Wax and Wane, received solid industry recognition and it’s easy to see why. Her versatile talents combined are so impressive without losing any authentic feel regardless of her chosen weapon. You can’t listen to her work and not be blown away.

The success of Wax and Wane led to Alana accompanying Hozier on cello and vocals in over 300 headlining shows including a Grammy performance where they were joined by Annie Lennox. The Billboard Session below showcases their creative chemistry.

Alana chose to contribute 5 random facts about herself for Chasing-Sky:

1) I starred in an Irish language TV Soap-Opera! The show ran for four Seasons and was called ‘Seacht’, which is Irish for ‘Seven’.  The show followed the lives of seven students at a fictional performing-arts college. My character, Caroline, was a singing cello player. (It’s subtitled if any non irish-speakers want to get into it) 
2) I have a degree in Law and I was about to begin my solicitor’s apprenticeship when I played my first solo show of my own songs. Music had always been my passion, so I told myself I would try it for one year. That was 4 years ago!
3) I got the phone call about touring with ‘Hozier’ less-than two weeks before we left to tour the USA for 6 months! My first official gig in the band was the ‘David Letterman’ show. When I think about that period in time now it makes my head spin, but it was seriously fun. 
4) I’ve had a grey “mallen” streak in my hair since I was a teenager. I dyed my hair every shade possible for years to cover it up, but more recently I’ve embraced it! 
I’m now channeling Rogue from X-men-meets-Lily Munster.
5) I was in ‘Game of Thrones’. It’s filmed in Belfast, where I live. I played a Kings Landing gentry-woman at the wedding of Sansa and TyrionG.O.T fans will hate this but if I’m being honest, I’ve never actually watched an episode! 

Alana Henderson has a lot going on, including a recent collaboration with Joshua Burnside. I would recommend following her socials to keep up to date and not miss a thing!
Alana Henderson Press Shot 2 copy




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