Strange Hellos

Strange Hellos released their debut studio album, Chromatics, back in October via Brilliance Records. (Norway) It was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road studios in London. The music of Strange Hellos has been described as everything from psych rock, shoegaze, post punk, to power pop. They have been compared to School of Seven Bells, Alvvays, and The Cocteau Twins, among others. It’s not so much that they sound like these bands but that their unique style expands on similar strengths and re-imagines our ideas of several genres. Their music easily crosses over any preconceived boundaries of genre.

I was given a chance to listen to the album and I really liked it. The Prime totally had me feeling Veruca Salt. That’s a huge compliment in my mind. Every track delivers something solid. There are pleasant surprises in every song. No chance of getting bored with this one, thanks to their multi-layered style. The tracks flow effortlessly to the listener because they’ve done their part so well.

Strange Hello answered a few questions:

Describe each of your personalities in one word. O. Martin: Guitarboy Birgitta:Sweetheart  Fredrik: Mystic  Even: Standup

If you’re “human raincoats” as recently stated in another interview then who gets to wear you? We’re from Bergen and it rains all the time, so we don’t really mind being wet and cold so maybe our music could work as a metaphoric raincoat for everybody who’s listening. And rich people. We’re raincoats designed by T Michael so you have to be filthy rich…

Memorable moments from recent tours and details on your upcoming schedule? We have no memory of our tours

Split your hearts between touring or studio. Where’s the biggest piece? We enjoy playing live, but we thrive in the studio. We started out as a studio band and then moved on to touring. We find playing live more and more fun though! And we haven’t started fighting like all the other bands we like yet. I can’t wait to go all Fleetwood Mac on everybody.

Details on Chromatic and the recording at Abbey Road experience? We learned a lot, met some good people and got to use the same toilet as John Lennon, so it was a pretty intense experience.

Do they seriously have KFCs in Norway? Not yet, but we’re working on something within the band to make it happen. Even and Odd are planning to start a franchise called: Kenchicken fried nuggets.

If you could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would you choose? Liam Gallagher – best vocalist ever. Or Edward Grieg cause he was playing the game well am I rite!?!?

Any plans for a US tour? We’re planning something next year, yes. We really wanna do SxSW next year. Hopefully that will work out. ** Dear Strange Hellos, if you make it to SxSW skip KFC and find a Taco Baby and/or Hello Cupcake food truck. You’ll thank me, I promise.

Where can fans pick up the new album? Online web shop, and will be instores in UK soon.







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