Dani Gagnon: Q&A on KINK and Fears

Don’t make any assumptions about Dani Gagnon. With vocals so good it spins your head around to see who’s making that beautiful noise, you would think she lives and breathes music, right? Not the case, well…not exactly. While music is a passionate part of her life it is just one factor of a very multi-dimensional person.

I’ve been a fan of KINK‘s music for quite a while so learning they were going their separate ways was sad but, fortunately, it’s not the end for new projects for either. Back in May, Dani posted this update to KINK‘s social media accounts:

Hi everyone –Dani here! Erica and I wanted to update all the KINK fans on some important band changes. After a few big life changes, we have decided to go our own separate ways musically due to having different goals and visions. Maintaining the band after our relationship ended was difficult and since we have become different people now, we want to take our music in different directions. Erica is going to be exploring new projects for now and I will be posting any of her music update right here on the KINK accounts, and meanwhile, KINK will continue as just me, I will be releasing new music in the next few weeks on the KINK social pages! We both love you all and hope you remain fans of all our new music.

Dani did a pretty personal Q&A for Chasing-Sky when asked for some insight into the split, what it meant for the ‘Guitars For Girls‘ project and what’s next for KINK.

Dani: The KINK split was really difficult. Erica and I had been dating for 2 years and I think most of our relationship WAS the band in a way. We were really good friends. Once we split up, keeping the band together was actually extremely difficult so we decided to move independently into our own projects, especially since our tastes were changing. Once that happened, we actually had space to work on our friendship again and we have grown into close friends. Moving forward, KINK sounds a bit different. I’ve always wanted to play with genres and styles especially since everything is digital now. My fans are pretty open-minded, so why not experiment with different styles of songs as well? That’s the goal!

Guitars for Girls is still going strong! I’m up to about 100 guitar donations. Honestly, I really want to reach out to other cities and countries so we will see where that takes me. Also trying to make some other connections with other female bands to see if anyone else wants to get involved. https://kinktheband.com/guitars-for-girls/

What inspires me the most: Music, in general, and the impact it has had in my life. I think it’s incredible the way music brings people together and can move the human soul so much.

Bands that have had a major impact on my life: Brand New, Karnivool, Deftones, A Perfect Circle. I’m really into deep complex lyrics.

If music wasn’t my life: To be honest, I’ve never considered that my life would be music. I’ve always put my career and other things first. A lot of people don’t know, but I actually own a marketing firm in Toronto, and I’m a Professor at Seneca College. Music is really secondary in my life, but it is what I am passionate about. I would love to make it the primary thing in my life, but I’ve always known that in order to make music work, I need a really good job.

Some insight into ‘FEARS’ and what’s next: Fears was a great song to work on. I wrote it very quickly one evening when I was going through a rough relationship. I brought the acoustic version into the studio, and my producer and I pimped out the whole track on our own in about 12 hours. I don’t like over thinking the music I make-when something sounds good, I leave it. FEARS is the beginning to a series of songs I’m releasing. I wouldn’t say I’m putting out a new album, but I will be putting out 7 singles (so essentially the length of an EP) But it will all be digital, all with music videos, and all different genres.

Some things I like doing: I am an avid reader. I love fiction, science fiction and reading about history, specifically World War II. I love going on walks and listening to music. I always find when I am by the water I am most at peace and can think clearly.

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Photo credits: Kurt Cuffy Music & Portrait Photography (Fear photo credit unknown)

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