Sea Girls; A Modern Twist On European Fairy Tales

UK based Sea Girls are Henry, Rory, Andrew and Oli. I would describe their sound as alternative pop but their musical influences range from classic rock to pop so you might hear a mixture of both leaking into their songs as they pull from each to form their own original style. Their work is very well received. Industry, fans and press are taking notice. It’s fair to say Sea Girls are making waves on the scene, as indicated by positive reviews, bookings (including their first headline show with number two on the way), chart presence, and recognition by BBC Radio, Alt Nation, plus others. Their single, Call Me Out, has an infectious energy with some seriously good vocals and arrangement. Sea Girls are sailing far beyond regional notoriety. You can purchase their new EP through the usual music outlets and check out their website. Listen out for these guys on the airwaves because, I promise, you’re going to hear them more and more as they continue to gain deserved increasing recognition.

This very likable band of tousled hair lads with endearing smiles and boat loads of talent  answered a few questions to give us some Sea Girl insight:

Why the name ‘Sea Girls’? We wanted something that would evoke different images for different people. To us it projects old European fairy-tales or an Enid Blyton novel. ‘The Lost Boys and the Sea Girls’ or something equally nostalgic.

History of the band and what’s going on currently? We originally started as two separate bands with Oli in both, but around the same time we both lost our drummers. Floundering for a while, we decided to combine forces with Oli jumping behind the kit. We had always wanted to start a band with Henry and it just felt like the right time for it. We spent a lot of time working on our first EP which was finally released this summer. It’s very exciting seeing it starting to creep out into the world. We’ve sold out and played our first ever headline show and are just gearing up for our second next month!

Musical influences? We take a lot of influence from classic rock and pop bands, trying our best to capture the feeling of our idols whilst bringing our own sound to the table. The idea is to continue the story rather than become a footnote. So anything from T Rex to Oasis to Lana Del Rey, we absorb it all.

Individual Personalities? If we were to go by the old English classification of Spice Girls names then it would probably something like this:Henryhairy spice
Andrewcheeky spice
Roryfive spice
Olisleepy spiceSome behind the scenes insight into the Call Me Out video and what happened to the mannequin? The mannequin and ourselves went our separate ways after filming.  Partly inspired by Ryan Gosling’s ‘Larz And The Real Girl‘​ the shoot was great fun and something completely new to us.

Who writes the lyrics/music and what is your typical creative process?
We all write songs for Sea Girls but Henry is definitely the most frequent contributor. A typical writing process would be Henry coming to us with a song, which we would then start to build a groove around. Next we would sit down and work out the structure before getting back together and putting everything in its right place.Insight into the acoustic sessions? For the Sofar Sounds​ acoustic sessions we really wanted to make it something special. We could have just played the songs on acoustic guitar and they have would have sounded great, but we knew straight away we wanted strings, and luckily our friend Sam is an amazing cellist, so that was no hassle at all! It was all about being able to approach the songs from the bottom up and create snapshots of other directions they could have gone in.

If, collectively, Sea Girls could travel to past or future where would they go and what would they do? I think we’d all like to go into a future where all of Game of Thrones is out and binge watch it all in one hit.​

IMG_1886 2

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