Sean Silverman of The Technicolors; Metaphysical,the Upcoming Tour, plus A Glimpse Inside Their Minds

The Technicolors are set to drop their new album, Metaphysical, on 7/7/17. This trio of artists, based out of Arizona, have a very versatile sound. One minute they have me feeling shades of Dylan and the next I’m totally feeling the luminance of The 1975. It doesn’t really matter if they’re plugged in or acoustic, their sound is so inviting with a lengthy list of other descriptives thrown in like…mesmerizing, woeful soul, gritty pop, dark alternative, down and dirty, rock and roll. You can pick up Metaphysical when it hits all the usual music outlets. There may still be some vinyl pre-orders left as well. Check out the glorious colored vinyl (featured photo) which is just one option for grabbing this album.

Sean updated me with some upcoming tour info and gave us a glimpse inside the racing minds of The Technicolors:

Current lineup? Is Phoenix home for everyone? Current lineup consists of Myself (Sean Silverman), Brennan Smiley and Nico Nicolette. We all currently reside in the greater Phoenix area.

Describe your own music. We play some canned heat rock & roll from the Sonoran Desert with a little bounce to our step.

Who writes the lyrics/music? Usually Brennan or I will have a skeleton of the idea mapped out and present it to one another. From there, one of us takes it and the song will go through several evolutions before becoming the finished thought. Often times Brennan & I will collaborate on some of the lyrics as well.

Details on the new album? The new album is titled Metaphysical. It was produced by ourselves and our wonderful maniac/guru/magician Bob Hoag. It’s 11 songs of rock & roll tunes to get you through the summer nights.

What’s been going on as far as local shows and touring? We’ve got a show here in town to celebrate the release of the record and then we head out in September over to Europe with The Maine & Night Riots with plans of touring additionally in the fall.

When Tonight You Are Mine hit a million plays on Spotify back in March how did you feel/react/celebrate? Not too much celebration took place. I may have eaten a slightly larger sandwich that day. Felt cool for humans to connect with the song in the way that they have. That always feels pretty special.

Thoughts on your earlier work compared to current? I think our latest effort is more of a direct reflection on what we bring to our live show. Previous releases were limited to certain instrumentation which had an effect on the way those releases sounded. This wasn’t in a bad way by any means, just altered the way things sounded a bit.

If The Technicolors had to choose:  

Beer, wine or whiskey? Wine or Whiskey..sometimes it’s even best to swirl them together.

Mountains or the sea? When homesick, sea. When adventurous, mountains.

Physical or mental? Always MENTAL.

Nature or the city? The city, the chaos.

Vinyl, CD, or Download? Vinyl.

Touring or studio? 52% studio / 48% touring Books or film? Films. The more dry , the better.

Do you push yourselves to reach goals or just work through your aspirations wherever and whenever they hit? Most of the time we’re guided by inspiration. Sometimes when things feel a bit stale we might reach for a certain goal to help jump start creativity but often times that falls flat. I feel as though our best work comes out of those instantaneous sparks late at night when everyone’s asleep and our minds keep racing.

Anything else you’d like to say or add? Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting our efforts. Please check out our new record, Metaphysical, when it comes out on July 7th.


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