Josh Carples; Exclusive First Look at the New EP

Live at Seville, the new EP by Josh Carples, releases 5/23/17. It includes live versions of previously released songs plus a brand new track. Carples couldn’t have chosen a better venue for the live sessions. Seville Beauty and Barber Shop provides the perfect setting to showcase this singer-songwriter’s work. Carples looks and sounds right at home in this setting, lending authenticity to his performance. ‘Postmark‘ is an exclusive first look at the live sessions.


I’m no stranger to Carples’ work, having published a feature for his Ghost of a Town release back in 2013, along with his work in Hail The Titans. To quote myself then, “Just as creativity flows from Carples’ veins, in this album, there is lyrical bloodletting.” By Carples’ own admission his work is intensely personal. When I asked Carples how his work had evolved from early creative projects his response was “With my acoustic stuff, I don’t really know how much it has evolved. I mean, over the years, I’ve gotten more practice, but they’re still sad, acoustic songs.” When asked to reflect on how his work had evolved him personally his response was “My work is very personal and usually very specific to me, but written in a general enough way to hopefully allow others to relate. Not sure about evolution, however. It’s just how I write. Personal, sad songs.” Live at Seville allows us to connect with these songs in a way that only live recordings can. As much as we love cleaned up studio versions of music there is nothing quite as pure as an artist with nothing but his instrument of choice, fervently spilling his guts in song. The studio versions were no less passionate but Live at Seville allows us to witness the birth of these tracks back to their purest form. It also allows us to connect with Carples in a personal way. We hear his words, feel his words, and sense, through his delivery, that his songs do actually mean something to him. You won’t find anything shallow here. He lets us in, that makes us drop some walls, and let his music in to our own lives. That’s how any good relationship starts, whether it’s music, love or life, isn’t it?

Ocean: “And there are so many things I can’t explain, so I’ll keep on hiding. And there are so many things I wish I could change and I tire from trying. And it’s been far too long I must say, since I’ve felt the ocean.”

Postmark: “I befriended the bottle these last few weeks and fell into the valleys most wouldn’t seek. And the songs that inspire can also bring you down until you notice the microscopic aspects of this town.”

The Waters Won: “I’ll see your face inside every song and the leftover pieces and how they don’t belong. They lay scattered across the dreariest land and I still have yet to be able to understand.”

No One: “It’s so familiar, the taste of victory. If I am dreaming then let me stay asleep. Wasting time is wasting away for no one ever stays.”

Fake a Smile: This is a brand new song so I’m not going to divulge anything about it other than to say it’s in the same excellent company as the other tracks.

Each track tells a story that you want to see through until the end, even if you sometimes fear the ending. Carples’ acoustic guitar performance is stellar. Bottom line, Carples has done it again. Live at Seville could easily be your new favorite listen. Just in time for summer road trips and long hot nights. You can wade as deep as you want in the pensiveness of the songs or use them as a sweet distraction from your own set of woes. A taste of relatable sadness, done beautifully.

Check out more about the project and people involved in this video announcement:

Available 5/23/17 from all major music retailers.



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