Snow in Mexico; From DayDreams to the Apocalypse

Whether you’re a fan of ambient electronica, shoe gaze, dream pop, emocore or 80s post punk you’re going to like Snow in Mexico. Drawing influence from each they pull together a sound that is uniquely their own. The direction of each album may vary but they stay true in delivering a very good listen. Their music is going to make you feel all kind of things, from daydreams to the apocalypse, and it’s a journey worth taking. Take some time, wander slowly, let them lead you to new discoveries through their mix of today and yesterday. I suggest you start with their newest digital EP, Breath, and work your way backwards.
I would give each album a 10 out of 10. They answered a few questions in the interview below…
Give me a little insight into who Massimiliano Cruciani and Andrea Novelli are besides Snow In Mexico.  Based in Rome, Italy, Andrea began toying with synths and drum machines alongside guitarist/singer Massimiliano  in 2008. Both were all too familiar with the smell of stale practice rooms and the noise of flaky drummers, and desired an intimate project with an expansive sound. Drawing from the spirit of eighties postpunk and the spirited emocore of the nineties, the two began weaving a tapestry of analog synths, reverb-heavy vocals, distorted pads, and drum machines.
I guess I never knew that it actually does snow in Mexico so my assumptions about possible meanings behind the name Snow In Mexico leaned towards “an unexpected gift”. What’s the real story about the name and what would you say might be the unexpected gifts found within your music?  According to your thoughts it means exactly that, the beauty of an impossible dream-like scenario. In the dark side of our soundscapes you can also find yourself staring at the full snow covered planet earth’s last days.
Do you consider the full birth of Snow In Mexico to be 2008, sometime later, or are you still being born?  We are still being born. Anytime we create new music, that inspires us again.
What’s been going on as far as live shows or touring and what can fans expect from a live show? If we go on tour we like to set a dreamy and psychedelic context of lights and visuals according to the music. We want to have full control of all of this and it is quite a hard job.
Do you record in studio or at home and what’s the creative process behind your music?  We set up a room where we play, record, sing, mix, create and drink wine.
Tell me a little about Juno Beach and the albums that came before.  Snow in Mexico’s self-titled debut is a blend of ambient electronica and dreampop low-fi textures. Prodigal Summer expands the ideas set forth in our self-titled debut, commanding floods of frequencies with loops, drum machine, and minimalist guitar. The tracks envelops listeners in waves of warm synths and leaves them with an afterglow of reverb. Juno Beach is our third release. Dreamy, washed out landscapes have been replaced by granular vibes that ebb and flow with the beat. It crafts visions of simulated paradise, blinding neon lights, and 80’s cyberpunk aesthetic with warm, vintage sounds of the legendary Roland Juno. The EP dips into the uncanny valley, blurring the line that separates analog shores from the vast digital ocean.
Your latest EP “Breath” released as digital format only. Will there be a physical release later?  Better ask our label… 😉
If you could collaborate a project with any artist, living or dead, who would you choose?   J. S. Bach, on a synth.
How do you both unwind when you need a break from music or do you? Andrea is a family guy, Massimiliano is into online soccer betting.
What can fans expect in the near future from Snow In Mexico? 
The future is unknown. Our present is ‘Breath‘.
Where can fans find Snow In Mexico?  FB, Spotify, Saint Marie records website and even drop us few lines to

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