Close Talker; A Cold January

Close Talker is an indie alternative rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. Their personal connections go all the way back to childhood so you might say they’re completely in tune with each other and solid in their creative direction. A month or so ago I was given the opportunity to listen to their latest album, Lens, with an official release date of 4/21/17 through Nevado Music (worldwide) and DevilDuck Records (Europe). If you act fast you might be still be able to snag a limited run colored vinyl preorder at http://closetalker.caIMG_1492

I found Lens to be a mesmerizing array of 10 songs that you can easily settle into and lose yourself for some time with no regret. The vocals are silky smooth with just enough subtle rawness to give them the perfect edgy depth that blends effortlessly with their instruments of sound. Their latest video for the track Okay Hollywood from the album is a perfect example of what I mean and it showcases their lyrical storytelling quality.

Before these guys headed out on tour they took the time to answer a few questions.

Current members?
Will Quiring, Matt Kopperud, Chris Morien

Who writes the music and lyrics? What’s a typical creative session like
for you guys? We all write music together and push one another. Typically our first
instincts are the best, yet sometimes we will go down the rabbit hole and
push one another. Will is the main lyricist, but both Chris and Matt act
as a sounding board and contribute as well.

How hard has it been to transition from 4 members to three?
It has been a challenge for the live set. All the members have stepped up
to fill the void sonically, but we feel it has helped us develop our sound
and overall it has a been a good thing. We miss our old bass player, Jerms,
but musically things have progressed to a healthy place.

Describe each album from the first release, and share some memorable
moments in the making of each. Timbers was the first 8 songs we had written and we simply recorded it between semesters of Bible school. It was a blast as everything was new and exciting. We drank a lot of beer. Flux was a more serious effort as we
went to Montreal QC and lived there for a time while we recorded. We slept
on the floor of the studio next to a Neve console because we were too poor
to sleep anywhere else. Showers were scarce. Lens was recorded during a
very cold January in Regina SK. During the whole time, we vowed to never
take a left turn in our band van, for whatever reason. It was fun.

The best and worst things about touring and being in studio?
Being away from our wives is the worst. We miss proper meals a lot. The
studio is almost all great. We love being creative.

How are you balancing everything from recording, to touring, press and
personal time? Poorly. Our time isn’t properly reflected by our priorities at the moment.
We’re working on that.

If you were a band of super powers what super power would each of you
choose or would you be one big combined effort with one power?
Just a couple dudes. No powers.

I’m assuming you have mostly positive comments from fans on social media
BUT do you read fan comments or try to avoid it to keep it from
influencing your music in any way? Typically we don’t let much phase us be it positive or negative.

Who HAVE been some of your musical influences over the years?
Yanni, Enya, and Weird Al.

When you listen to music for pleasure who are some favorites? What else
helps you unwind besides music?
Yanni, Enya, and Weird Al.

How was SXSW this year? I understand you have been before?
We’ve been three times. This year was the best by far. We played lots of
shows ate a fair amount of meat and saw some great music.

What’s coming up for you guys between now and the release of Lens?  We’re doing a album release tour from April 12 – June 20. Right now we are doing some prep and lot’s of administration work.

In closing, is there anything you want to say to anyone…fans, press ,
the world? Everyone should watch “Before The Flood” documentary. I’ve been thinking a lot about the earth lately… we have to leave it better than we found it.


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